Ann Ogden-Gaffney

Meet Ann Ogden-Gaffney

Ann is a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition and cancer. In addition to her James Beard nominated book, Cook For Your Life, and cooking classes in New York, she is running a joint program with Columbia University exploring food, cancer, health and wellness in the Hispanic community.

Ann is our Guide into the fun and joy of food and health.

Cancer Cookbook by Ann Ogden Gafney

Cook for Your Life

A beautiful, unique cookbook with delicious recipes for all stages of cancer treatment and recovery, from a two-time cancer survivor and founder of the Cook for Your Life nutrition-based cooking programs.

Portrait of Ann Ogden-Gaffney

Chef, Author and Guide

Ann has “been there, done that” when it comes to cancer. She is a survivor of both kidney cancer and triple negative breast cancer. And now as a Guide, she’ll be sharing her journey, her insights, and her know how when it cancer, health and wellness.

CancerRoadTrip Guide

Ann Ogden-Gaffney


We asked each of our Guides to share three ways that cancer has changed their lives. Ann talks about how cancer became a liberating experience.

Ann’s second cancer diagnosis caused her to dig deep and reassess things, leading to new perspectives on work and life.

In changing careers, Ann re-crafted an entirely new life for herself.

What do you want to get from being a CancerRoadTrip Guide? Ann’s answer shouldn’t surprise you…

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