Pat Wetzel

Meet Pat Wetzel

Pat Wetzel is the visionary behind CancerRoadTrip. In her former life, after Wharton Business School, she worked in the world of international finance.

And became captivated by the sport of soaring.

A supposedly incurable cancer diagnosis in 2009 changed everything and sent her on a serious quest for what creates health. She realized that her experiences weren’t unique, and she founded the Anti-Cancer Club, a free website of cancer resources.

After nearly a decade of dealing with cancer, treatments, and the emotional ups and downs,, it was time for a break.

It was time for a road trip.

And along the way, there were many lessons.

One is that travel heals.

Pat is our Guide to a bit of healing adventure.

Portrait of Pat Wetzel at Ghost Ranch

Author, Pilot and Guide

Everyday we make choices in the food we eat, the thoughts we think, and the people we associate with. I call it our matrix. What’s in yours? How do you choose to reimagine your health and your world?

CancerRoadTrip Guide

Pat Wetzel


Travel Heals

wellness retreat
wellness retreat
wellness retreat
wellness retreat

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