Rob Rutledge, MD

Meet Rob Rutledge

As a medical student in the 1980s Rob read the book “Love, Medicine and Miracles” and knew immediately he wanted to be an Oncologist and to help people affected by cancer heal at the deepest levels of their being. Since then he has continued to study remarkable cancer survivors, the body-mind-spirit connection, and scientific and wisdom-based healing techniques. 

In 1998 he met Dr. Timothy Walker, a Psychotherapist and brilliant Spiritual Teacher who taught Rob how to meditate and has had a profound influence on Rob’s spiritual growth. The two combined to create the Skills for Healing Cancer Weekend Retreats which they have delivered 58 times in 28 cites internationally.

Rob believes his life’s purpose is to share the love in his heart and the wisdom he has garnered from his cancer patients and the thousands of people attending his seminars and retreats.  


Cancer Cookbook by Ann Ogden Gafney

The Healing Circle

Science, wisdom and compassion combine to create a heart felt and caring look at life with cancer. 

Mind, body and spirit are all needed to heal. Rob Rutledge and Timothy Walker layout a path to wellness for everyone touched by cancer.

Portrait of Ann Ogden-Gaffney

Oncologist, Author and Guide

For over a decade, Rob has been guiding cancer patients towards a program of wellness that integrates mind, body and science.


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Rob Rutledge, MD

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