Timothy Walker, PhD

Meet Timothy Walker, PhD

Timothy has been using a mindfulness approach to healing for more than 35 years. He is trained in the psychology of meditation and contemplative psychotherapy.

His philosophy as a spiritual and psychological counselor is to work from the perspective that everyone has basic healthiness, a natural yearning for brilliant sanity and the wisdom of wholeness as part of their being. 

Tim is our Guide towards soulful wisdom in healing.   

Cancer Cookbook by Ann Ogden Gafney

The Healing Circle

Together with Rob Rutledge, M.D., Timothy is deeply involved in healing retreats for the cancer community. The Healing Circle, a joint effort, looks at deep and genuine healing.

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Spiritual Teacher, Author and Guide

Psychotherapist and mindfulness specialist, Timothy has been helping people heal for decades. He has been a student of meditation since 1979. Tim has both an MA and Ph.D. in the psychology of meditation.

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Timothy Walker, PhD

A Healing Visualization: “Please listen and follow the instructions and don’t watch, as the visual is actually distracting from ones own personal experience of the meditation.” –Timothy Walker

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wellness retreat
wellness retreat
wellness retreat
wellness retreat

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