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We Are Raising $1 Million For a Docuseries

Each year 1.7 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed. Over time, 40% of us will get a diagnosis. (Source: American Cancer Society)

Post treatment, survivors face a host of psychological, social, physical and spiritual issues.

Our current system does not address this need.

Our docuseries does.

42% of the budget is for the first film in the docuseries. This covers pre and post interviews with the seven Travelers and all travel expenses:


Film Expenses


Pre-Production Expenses $62,900
Production Staff $120,125
Production Travel $103,175
Music and Legal Clearance $26,600
Post Production $75,050
Errors and Omissions $5,000
Total $392,850



The remainder of the budget covers staff, marketing, technology, legal and accounting. 8.29% of the overall budget has been allocated to fiscal sponsor fees, although we anticipate the actual cost to be considerably less.


Any excess funds will go towards marketing expenses and/or the next film in the docuseries.

Pilot Study for Social Media

A three day trip to Monument Valley generated the following stats on Instagram alone:


Instagram Stats

Impressions     282,259

Likes                    36,665

Comments                806


At the time of this trip there were approximately 14,000 Instagram followers.


  • Engaged Audience
  • Iconic Photography Works
  • Promotion Boosts Engagement

Additonal social media metrics across all our platforms are available to potential sponsors.


Three ways to make your brand co-hero of the journey:


  • Tax-Deductible Donation

  • Product Placement in Film and Social Media

  • Swag Bag

          (Talk to us to learn more about the swag bag!)

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What Is The Swag Bag?

The swag bag is a set of health and travel oriented products.

We are putting together 25 Swag Bags.

Seven will go to our Travelers.

The remaining 18 will be randomly gifted to our subscriber list.

This offers an array of social media marketing opportunities across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Faceboook.

And your brand can become a co-hero of the cancer journey, helping real people with travel and health oriented products.

Talk to us to see what we can do with a monthly reach of well over half a million people and growing!

 Make Your Brand The Co-Hero Of The Journey

We all know someone with cancer 

Get involved

Make a difference



The Audience and The Need

Forty percent of us will have a cancer diagnosis.


Directly or indirectly, cancer touches every family, every community and every business in the U.S., and around the globe. 

And the need for post treatment health is unaddressed by our current health care system.

After surgery, chemo and radiation, and all the side effects (some of which may be permanent), patients are simply left to figure out a path forward, towards health and to a “new normal”.

But what’s a new normal when your life has been turned upside down?

The seven people that go on CancerRoadTrip are on a quest for health. In their quest, lies our quest: to find peace and joy through the twists and turns of life with and after cancer.

And to share the journey, so that we all can learn.


Our thanks to the New Mexico Film Foundation, our fiscal sponsor for this docuseries.

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