I’ve become quite intrigued by photography. I’ve taken to carrying my camera almost everywhere with me. Some days it’s frustrating. I can’t seem to get a single decent shot. Other days it’s exhilarating. The Photo Gods of Light and Luck align and voila! Actual pictures emerge!

If my skill level were greater, I’d like to think my efforts to create a good photo would at least be more consistent. But listening to Annie Leibovitz the other day, she talked about passion. She says she does’t worry about the technicalities (although she does). But the magic that she captures in her highly personal pictures is the magic of the subject. The quirks, the wrinkles, the personality of the person or situation. She watches, she listens and she connects.

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If I am to have any hope, it is going to be through the connection. The detailed logistics of photo technicalities can be dull, except when you need them. So I’m hoping passion and curiosity will pull me through to the knowledge I need.

On this topic, I joined a photography group. Our task for January is to take a picture of “COLD”.


Click here for my forays into the photographic world of COLD.

Photo Mission Cold

Photo Mission: Cold Photo Credit: Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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Taos: Land, People, Spirit: The Photography of Barbara Sparks




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Taos New Mexico Pueblo

A photo assignment takes me to Taos where I try to capture the essence of COLD



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