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The Backstory on CancerRoadTrip

CancerRoadTrip started when I sold my house to travel. Since then, I've been through 3 continents, 8 countries and numerous states, numerous times. I've also been through 3 rounds of chemo, radiation and surgery. And so much more!

For me, travel heals. As the miles unfolded, it occurred to me: "If I could have a CancerRoadTrip to heal, why can't others?"

And the idea of CancerRoadTrip was born.

This blog follows my travels, my expeditions to look for future healing retreats, interviews and whatever else may be of interest.

Also be sure to check out the gallery for photos and more posts about my travels.

Travel Heals.

Join me.


Road Trip

Carmen Gentile: Blindsided by the Taliban

“I accepted death as an inevitability.”

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Wendy Wagner: Perspectives on Perceptions

Everything that comes to you is for your benefit.

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Luis Benitez: The Metaphor in the Mountain

Mountain climbing contains many metaphors

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Cameron Auxer: When Bodies Break

Stories of digging deep to survive and even prosper

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The Impact of an NDE with David Maginley, Part II

How a near death experience changed one man’s life.

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David Maginley: Life After Death, An NDE Experience

A road trip into consciousness and beyond

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