There is a bad girl/bad boy in all of us that wants to go rogue.

Most of us are conditioned from early on to be people pleasing, achieving citizens. Doing the “right” thing. Going to the “right” school. Joining the “right” club, company, circle. Having the “right” job, address, car, whatever.

Whatever for?

I am going rogue!

What is your rogue?


Maybe not this rogue. But definitely rogue!

Over time, with the ongoing experiences of life,  I’ve come to subscribe to the saying that:

Man plans.

God laughs.

What is the balance between responsible planning and going with the flow? What is responsible? What is not?

I am usually the good girl.(Well, the sailplane trip was a bit rogue…) But I generally did the “right” things. I planned. I saved.  I gave. I trusted (hah!).

So it’s time to go rogue (again).  Rogue to put myself first.

How many ways might my bad girl go rogue?

Travel Rogue!

Cancer Rogue!

Dance Rogue!

Drone Rogue!

Foodie Rogue!

Yoga Rogue!

Watch the Sunrise Rogue!

Balloon in Burma Rogue!

Antarctica Rogue!

Machu Picchu Rogue!

Galapagos Rogue!

Sleep In Rogue!

Aviation Rogue!

Veggie Rogue!

Meditation Rogue!

Get in Shape Again Rogue!

Hiker Rogue!

Walk the Beach Rogue!

Eat my way through Thailand Rogue!

Australian Open Rogue!

Soar New Zealand Rogue!

Live on a Greek island Rogue!

Three Star Michelin Restaurants Rogue!

Australia Rogue!

New Zealand Rogue!

Live on Santorini Rogue!

Spain Rogue!

Italy Rogue!

Maldives Rogue!

Safari Rogue!

Kayak Rogue!

Paddle board Rogue!

Spa Rogue!

Rogue! Rogue! Rogue!

I think this is my new favorite word du jour.

I am not going to accept cancer as a limitation.

I am not going to look back and say would have, could have, should have.

I am going to follow my wanderlust, my curiosity and have some fun.

I am going rogue!

What’s your version of rogue?  What does your bad girl/boy yearn to do?

‘Fess up. We all want to go a bit rogue.

Tweet me your rogue! Or leave your rogue in the comment section below!

But in all seriousness, why should I have to “go rogue” to put fun and passion first in my life? That’s something we should all ponder.

What’s your rogue?


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