The Art, Culture and Beauty of Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe is one of my favorite places. Every time I visit I am deeply impacted by the intense soulfulness and beauty of this town of 70,000 people and its environs.

I first visited Santa Fe the year I was on the road with Whiskey Oscar. It was love at first sight, but the town 25 years ago was a bit rough and the job options even more limited than Reno/Tahoe. Plus, of course, the Tahoe area was one of THE premier soaring locations in the world, so that fact pretty much decided everything.

At the time, I was so devastated by my divorce that I just wanted to be alone. In the sky and in the mountains. Alone. Reno/Tahoe was perfect. I wanted to get back into skiing and I loved being less than three hours form Northern California wine country. Being the foodie that I am, I was known to go down and back just for lunch at a hot new restaurant.

But things have changed. My health with cancer after three rounds of chemo, radiation surgery and a hip replacement is not what it was. I am so grateful to have had these amazing experiences, but I need some different things now. More socialization, culture and art are appealing. My new found hobby of photography needs support and guidance. Once again, I need to heal from betrayal.

And once again, I turn to travel to heal, to discover and to move on.

So I am in Santa Fe for the holidays, and perhaps beyond.

My original intent with CancerRoadTrip was to spend at least a month —or even several months–in a locale. The recent Caribbean spree (posts coming soon) obviously didn’t give me that type of subversive experience. Santa Fe will.

Stay tuned as  I post numerous picture galleries and thoughts about this magical town and its environs. And stay tuned for some wonderful surprises and events for 2018.

Happy holidays to everyone!

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Magic and art combine in this New Mexican sculpture


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