If you’re a film buff, The Matrix is the massively popular film starring Keanu Reeves as Neo. In the film, Neo discovers that his “reality” is a manufactured illusion. Nothing he perceives is real. And as he dives into The Matrix, his education begins.

In a similar fashion, this Matrix Series is intended to shake up some of our preconceptions and to explore a deeper, more meaningful and consciously created life. Through interviews with people across numerous disciplines, we explore the elements that make up our Matrix, those daily choices that determine our thoughts and our experiences.

I am delighted to introduce Wendy Wagner, PhD in this first interview for the new Matrix Series.

Meet Wendy E. Wagner, PhD


“My emphasis is on the correct use of the mind and mindfulness, choosing which thoughts to think.The art of thought, the art of choice.”


Wendy is a cancer survivor with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Tufts University, a Masters’ Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology from Summit University. She is also also certified as a Master Hypnotist, an Addictions Counselor by the West Coast Institute of Addictive Studies, and  a Mindfulness Coach and Doula.

“The source of most disease is in the spirit. Therefore, the spirit can cure most disease.”

–Nicola Tesla


Cancer is a traumatic event for most of us. If we’re honest, it’s a call to pay attention to our body and our soul. How do we use the trauma to grow and heal? What part does our psyche play in healing? How do we enlist the power of our mind?

Wendy and I had a wide ranging discussion about using cancer as a portal towards becoming more conscious. The interview runs over an hour, so I’ve cut it down into shorter segments. In this post are the first three segments.


A Cosmic Cattle Prod


Wendy talks frankly about her own cancer diagnosis, which she calls a “Cosmic Cattle Prod”. It forced her to go within to discover the strength needed to move forward with cancer.
Ancient cultures consider severe illness to be a portal to the soul. The experience is seen as a gateway, a narrow portal, being presented that opens to a totally different dimension if we take the opportunity.




Everything that happens is for your benefit


Wendy has had a number of influential mentors over the years. One posed three statements to ponder:


Everything happens for your benefit

The body is an effect of the mind

There are no neutral thoughts

One can agree or disagree, but each opens a fascinating portal for exploration and discovery.
If one were to approach life from a perspective of learning, what might one learn? 


Creating Your Reality With Thought

Science is beginning the explore the power of our minds and its influence on our world view. As Einstein once asked:

“Is the world a friendly place?”

Your answer matters.

If you answer yes, your life experience is one of relative security and curiosity.

If not, it’s one of fear and conflict.

Which path do you choose? Because it is a choice.



Visit Wendy’s website for more videos on her thoughts on the power of the mind.

“The Art of Thought, the Art of Choice.”


The interview will continue in a future post.


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