What is #CancerRoadTrip and how did it come to be? Read this post to get the backstory! 


Once upon a time, decades ago, I graduated from Wharton. I worked in the private placement market in New York–the smallest deal amount was a quarter of a billion (that was real money in those days); I worked on the first billion dollar leveraged buy-out (Congoleum).

I rather got Gordon Gecko. After all, I moved in that amoral world of money and finance. There was no room for feeling or care. Numbers, numbers, numbers. No room for error. No need for human contemplation.

I’ve been away from the corporate world for a long time now, but it seems nothing much has changed. The numbers have gotten bigger. The leverage greater. I wonder if it isn’t all primed to blow like the building in my dream last night.

If it is, it’s a good time to sell the house. If it isn’t, oh well! I’ve never been very good at tactical decisions. Strategic  movements and trends are more my forte. I listened to an interview with Jim Rogers the other day.What an interesting life he has led.  His aw shucks southern drawl may mask a brilliant mind to those not in the know, but his reputation precedes him. I admire him. If you don’t know who Jim Rogers is, here is the interview (Jim Rogers comes in at 13:22):


Jim Rogers has had two amazing #RoadTrips. One around the world on his motorcycle: Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers; the other around the world in a bit more comfort via automobile. An adventurer, in capital markets and in life.

Very cool.



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