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CancerRoadTrip brings together leaders in mind/body medicine and seven cancer survivors, in one amazing location, each quarter. 

Each retreat examines the cancer experience as a pivot point towards a more conscious and healthy life.

The Docu-Series is part travelogue, part reality TV,  and all heart. Through the eyes of the 7 Travelers (as we call our cancer survivors) we explore the issues associated with living post cancer treatment and striving for day to day wellness.

It’s about challenge, it’s about loss, and it’s about joy.

Watch the trailer.



The Market and The Need


Forty percent of us will have a cancer diagnosis.


Directly or indirectly, cancer touches every family, every community and every business.


The connection is intensely emotional.

And emotion is how you connect with an audience.


Be A Star: Be The Co-Hero Of The Story


  • Be part of the solution for wellness

  • Touch people in a real and heartfelt way

  • Use social media for a good cause



How To Participate


We are raising $1 million for our first episode of CancerRoadTrip. Your tax deductible donations make the trip and the film possible.


Benefit: Prominent thanks on the website, social media and in the documentary film.


CancerRoadTrip encompasses travel, food and well being. Get your product in the production.


Benefit: Via Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Facebook, make your brand the co-hero of the story.


Swag Bag

The swag bag is a box of healthy living products that appears on the doorstep of each of the 7 survivors when they return home after the trip.

How will they use the products? How will the products change their lives?

Benefit: Ongoing interaction and social media promotion for your products as the hero of health.

Who Can Go On CancerRoadTrip?

Anyone impacted by cancer.

You may be a patient just post treatment, in maintenance, or several years out.

You may be a caregiver, loved one or friend. 

Initially, we are focusing on cancer survivors. But this disease impacts so many groups in a profound way. So, over time, we are expanding our scope of healing retreats to include caregivers and others deeply impacted by the disease.

Talk to us for details. (It’s incredibly exciting!)


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— Founder, Pat Wetzel

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