May 20, 2018

Keeping Traditions Alive

Cancer Road Trip Indian Dances #GatheringoftheNations

New Mexico is home to numerous Indian tribes and keeping alive the cultural traditions of their ancestors is important. This past week I attended The Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque which drew over 3,500 Native American dancers in an extravaganza of dance, costumes and tradition.

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More Reading on Native American Culture in New Mexico:

Santa Clara Pueblo: Cliffs, Pottery and Art
Puye Cliff Dwellings: Earth, Spirit, Fire and Art
Photo Mission:Winter at Taos Pueblo
Ojo Caliente, Wind Chimes,and Water
Ojo Caliente Encore!


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Pow Wow Cancer Road Trip Indian Dances GatheringoftheNations


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  • Reply Jason Fisher May 23, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    I moved by the one post that I became consumed in learning and desiring to learn more of your life’s journey. One fact I discovered in being more often true then not is we all have become familiar in budgeting or being aware as to budget or same as in how far our dollar can go, but few ever thinking the same in terms of one’s finite amount of time we each have here on earth, some more than others, but even the absolute best and most deeply enriched and self fulfilled lives living to a ripe old age and say the best of health, departing at one’s individual and one of a kind time in being called home, still to be PAINFULLY SHORT. Your words have a way in moving an audience or in that they connect in a way with your reader that I thought to share my discovery of this one small, however very powerful truth that does not discriminate or not apply to even the most sophisticated, wealthy human being to ever walk this green earth. Disease, decay and death evades not one of us.
    I wish to turn past lessons into worldly wisdoms in my life lived, time of which it took in acquiring a lesson and even much same as wasted in not having say ever before experiencing anything like what all I lived to tell about as a token of love to any and all living today or yet to be born whom care to learn what has this far came to me at the expense of nearly 43 years in the making, umpteen millions of interrelated decisions, execution in having free will and multiple routes available one could freely chose among or charter one’s own uncharted path, and my belief all roads leading to what I know and call everybody’s “home” once they’ve learned of God’s ultimate act of Love and sacrifice in offering each our only way of salvation or eternal life in that His one and only Son, Jesus, being sacrificed having lived a life free of sin to pay for each of our past, present and future sins any shall create as one’s grace and most high love a Heavenly Father could ever gift undeserving to not one here on earth living in the flesh, born into sin.
    I wish not to push my beliefs or agenda onto not one other, but rather use my creative gift in telling of my story, now our story, as a thought provoking way of thinking perhaps, even unconventional in newly discovered patterns, if for no other purpose then for the causation or interesting way in making another no more then if to simply think about what I know and try and be mindful of, and live each day knowing this to be not only my truth, but humanity’s at large. This top of mind awareness, that time is finite and ends without usually much notice such as a fuel gauge on a modern day car cluster panel, serving as one’s range before stalling, but the realization and brutal truth being this one resource all to yet have in the present moment, the here and now, but a future that is not guaranteed. “Live/Love like you were dying, plan/save as if you were to live forever” I once heard and serves as a good reminder to all in the sense that each life begins to live as well as die some in every moment of this beautiful thing called life.
    You’re words lifted and both inspired me into taking greater action and living each day even more bold and courageous then any other to think to ever live. I am deeply moved and forever grateful in that I truly know to be blessed in simply having been gifted such a priceless gift in simply reading part of your awe-inspiring life’s journey. May you be fulfilled and experience more then you ever thought imaginable and above all things know of the many lives touched in your love and choice in sharing a part of your life’s more intimate and personal details, truly a privilege and one life deepened in compassion and love for all mankind, Mother Earth, the interesting and many loving species/plants/animals and enriched lives ever lived of which their stories live on forever and continue to impact, influence and shape more than I believe may realize or make noteworthy, but it’s truth rises to the surface, easy to recognize if one only cares to ponder.
    Thank you once again and from the bottom of my heart in sharing if but a glimpse of your story, as I too find beauty in helping others and spreading kindness with each and every step I take, many thanksgivings and blessings to you, thank you!
    All the best,
    With much love,
    Jason Fisher

  • Pat Wetzel
    Reply Pat Wetzel May 24, 2018 at 5:20 am


    Thank you. In many ways, my journey is not unique. We all have our own journeys; we all have our own joys and sorrows. I think we need to share and communicate to connect and inspire. I think it really is about kindness. Thank you for your kind words.

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