The Botanical Garden in Santa Fe nestles at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. It’s part of Museum Hill, the wonderful ensemble of art and history collected in the various museums that reside there.

In the desert, flowers are hardy. They need to withstand searing sun and temperature drops of twenty to thirty degrees overnight. And in Santa Fe, they must like life at 7200 feet.

The combination of plants and animal sculptures is a natural, especially in this setting. “Gardens Gone Wild” by Dan Ostermiller is the 7th exhibition presented by the Botanical Garden on Museum Hill since opening in July 2013.


CancerRoadTrip Botanical Garden in Santa Fe

“Gardens Gone Wild” sculpture by Dan Ostermiller, Botanical Garden in Santa Fe at Museum Hill


There are numerous gardens within the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens. The garden is actually a collection of orchards, meadows, art and a meeting place aptly named The Gathering Place. Here artists and community groups congregate to share this very special outdoor space.


CancerRoadTrip Botanical Garden in Santa Fe

The Gathering Place, Botanical Garden in Santa Fe


2018-Cancer-Road-Trip Botanical Garden in Santa Fe

Mosaic designed by W. Gary Smith in The Gathering Place at Botanical Garden in Santa Fe


Botanical Garden in Santa Fe CancerRoadTrip

An artist at “work” in The Gathering Place, Santa Fe Botanical Garden

A bright red bridge leads from the Orchard Gardens to The Gathering Place:

Cancer-Road-Trip Botanical Garden in Santa Fe

The bright red bridge in the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens leads to the Gathering Place


Yoga, Tai Chi, harvest dinners, plant sales and other events make this a natural hub of activity.  And picnic concerts fill The Gathering Place with wine and song in the summer. Maybe a few margaritas too!

One exhibit in the garden showcases plants related to the rich tradition of fibers and weaving; herbs for healing; wood for carving; and crops. The combination of education and inspiration, outdoors, creates a wonderful environment for education as well as celebration.

The Leonara Curtin Wetland Preserve is also part of the botanical gardens in Santa Fe. This is a natural Cienega, or marsh in Spanish. The 35-acre nature preserve was named for Leonara Scott Muse Curtin who arrived from New York in 1889 whose work. Leonara was fascinating with the use of natural herbs for healing. Her work is compiled in  Healing Herbs of the Upper Rio Grande.

This rare natural Cienega, or “marsh” in Spanish, is also open to the public. It is located on the I-25 frontage road, adjacent to El Rancho de las Golondrinas in La Cienega. Check with the Botanical Garden in Santa Fe for more detail.


If You Visit the Botanical Garden in Santa Fe:

Summer is obviously the most desirable time to visit, but there are events going on all year long. If you decide to join the Botanical Gardens membership offers discounts; borrowing privileges at the 2,000 volume Terence S. Tarr Botanical and Horticultural Library which is part of the Botanical Gardens in Santa Fe; and reciprocal admission at over 300 botanical gardens across the country. If you’re thinking about adding botanical gardens to your touring agenda, this is well worth doing.

The garden is also available for rental.

Contact them directly at




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2018-Cancer-Road-Trip Botanical Garden in Santa Fe

The Botanical Garden in Santa Fe



Botanical Garden, Santa Fe, NM


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