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Mark Philpott is our guest on this episode of our new podcast, Bump In The Road.

What is Bump in the Road?

Covid 19 has delayed our CancerRoadTrips, limiting travel and naturally causing some safety concerns. So I decided to travel the world virtually, meeting with and learning about inspiring people.

Bump in the Road is about inspiration. Because everyone hits a bump in the road. What do you do with it?  Be inspired as we explore the ways people experience, navigate and manage the ups and downs and twists and turns in this road trip called life.


About Mark Philpott, Adventurer

Mark Philpott had it all. He was the consummate businessman, traveling the world, enjoying the high life of great hotels, restaurants and events. Until one day, he realized that his world lacked compassion. And so it was time for a new adventure. Mark sold everything and hit the road, ultimately ending up living on a sailboat. And now, he’s off to yet another adventure, mentoring youth while pursuing his passion to be on the water.

Join us on our new podcast Bump In The Road for a fascinating talk with a fascinating traveler, adventurer, and philanthropist,  Mark Philpott Founder, CEO, Podcast Host Global Travel Channel and Father of Oska (his dog).

Bump In The Road

Mark and Osaka

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