The end of the year brings with it a milepost of sorts: I have been on the road for six months now. I’ve visited 8 countries outside the U.S,  11 states (some more than once), traveled by car, foot, ship, boat, train, taxi, Uber and plane. I would have gone up in a rocket ship if NASA had let me.


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I’ve given up trying to calculate the miles.

I’ve stayed with friends, in AirBnB’s, in hotels, house sat three times, and cruised in a ship. So far I haven’t had to resort to sleeping my car, which is good because there is no room! And now, for the holidays, I am in a beautiful casita in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe, NM

This bench is just outside the French doors, on the patio, in my little casita.

My original plan was to stay in a location for an extended period. Sometimes that happened, sometimes it didn’t. But for now, I am stationed in Santa Fe for a bit which will give me a chance to catch up on all the places and posts I want to share, sprinkled with my Santa Fe forays.

Some of the locations coming up include New Orleans, Miami Beach (think fabulous South Beach architecture!), Key West, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Grand Cayman, Honduras and Mexico. And lots of Santa Fe and environs.

Let me take this opportunity to say thank you to the many people worldwide who have been so supportive! May everyone have a healthy, happy holiday.

Santa Fe

Chili adornments from the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market

Carpe diem! My official cancer battlecry!

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I have now been traveling non-stop for 6 months!


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