The Year In Review

Looking at a review of the year 2017, I’ve chosen a few of my favorite pictures to share from six months on the road. They’re not all perfect–just some of my favorites. And yes, I did try to make it shorter! Believe it or not, it’s much shorter that it was originally!

Six months on the road. No permanent address; not too many set agendas. Some lessons learned; some experiences for reflection.

As I review the year, 2017 has been quite a year.

My house sold in June and from there it was off to Vashon Island via California wine country (before the fires). Then onto Canada–Vancouver and Whistler— back via Whidbey Island, south via Pasadena, Scottsdale, Tuscon, San Antonio, over to Ireland, New Orleans, to Florida to a cruise through Central America (Mexico, Caymans, Columbia, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica) and back to Santa Fe, where I am ensconced for a bit.

Along the way, great people and great tales to tell. All will be finding their way into the blog.

2018 will be a major year for CancerRoadTrip:

It’s time to give back.

I’m in the process of putting together a series of healing retreats for other people whose lives have been interrupted by cancer. The trips will be gifts. Check back for details during the year. I’m hoping to have this launched by mid-summer. If you have good marketing, film or social media skills and would like to get involved, contact me!

Enjoy the overview of the year in review. More Galleries to come in 2018!


Have a wonderful holiday season!


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Santa Fe

Chile adornments from the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market


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