Travel Heals

CancerRoadTrip brings together leaders in mind/body medicine and seven cancer survivors, in one amazing location, each quarter. 


Each retreat examines the cancer experience as a pivot point towards a more conscious and healthy life.


The quarterly Docu-Series is part travelogue, part (kind) reality TV,  and all heart. We gift each retreat to 7 people who have been impacted by cancer.

Through the eyes of the 7 Travelers (as we call our cancer survivors) we explore the issues associated with living post cancer treatment, against the global backdrop of traveling to heal.

And everyone can follow the journey on the web.

CancerRoadTrip is about challenge, it’s about loss, and most of all, it’s about joy.

Watch the trailer.




Forty percent of us will have a cancer diagnosis.


We need to heal.


And travel heals by opening new worlds and experiences that allow us to transform our perspectives and our lives.


How has travel changed your life?


Has it challenged you?


Allowed you to share something special?


Offered a relaxing escape that allowed you to go on?


Provided a new look at life?


How has travel changed your life?




Who Can Go On CancerRoadTrip?

Anyone impacted by cancer.

You may be a patient just post treatment, in maintenance, or several years out.

You may be a caregiver, loved one or friend. 

Initially, we are focusing on cancer survivors. But this disease impacts so many groups in a profound way. So, over time, we are expanding our scope of healing retreats to include caregivers and others deeply impacted by the disease.

Talk to us for details. (It’s incredibly exciting!)


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— Founder, Pat Wetzel

Travel Heals

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wellness retreat
wellness retreat
wellness retreat

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