Little Havana, Miami

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Salsa dancers

Dancing to the beat at Ball and Chain

Little Havana in Miami is a jewel of a community filled with soul.  From the food to the music; from the drink to the desserts, this is a unique cultural icon.

The first picture in this gallery is of Cuba at sunrise. I took it from a ship; but I’m getting ahead of the story. That part is yet to come.

Read more about my Little Havana experience here.


If you go to Little Havana, or Miami for that matter, know in advance that it is hot, hot, hot!

Here’s what you can expect any any time throughout the year:

Regardless of your climatory preference, this is a place you really want to visit. The confluence of history, music, food and soul is unbeatable and unforgettable.

Read more in my post here.

More reading on Little Havana and its history:

From Amazon:

“Every so often along comes a book that seizes you by the collar and arrests you on the spot. From page one, LEAVING LITTLE HAVANA is a brilliant, voice-driven book that will make your heart skip a few beats. My experience reading this book was similar to the first time I read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros when you instantly know you are reading a classic, a story so achingly beautiful and unforgettable you relish every last word as if it were the buzzing of a hummingbird at your lips feeding you honey. This book is about family, about what happens to family in exile, about how people come into a great world of struggle and manage to get by and survive. The author has a great gift for capturing that world-known enclave of Miami we love and call Little Havana. This might be the book that puts it on the literary map for good and forever.”—Virgil Suárez



From American Heritage, this book traces the history of this unique community.




Dreaming of visiting Cuba? Here’s something to help you build your travel fantasy.



And just for fun: The Cuban Affair.  It’s a good read!




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Little Havana, Miami, FL

Little Havana!


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