The CancerRoadTrip Photo Galleries are constantly being updated as I wade through the vast volumes of pictures from my travels! I’ve just posted pictures from Killarney the Beara Peninsula in Ireland.

Click here to visit the Killarney and the Beara Peninsula Photo Gallery

The Irish trip into the country touched my partly Irish soul, I must admit. The undertone of moodiness, the beautiful landscapes, the elusive skies are all part of what make Ireland so beautiful. I hope that some of that comes through in the pictures.



A yellow boat house connects land and sea

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”–Destin Sparks


Photography is turning into part of my world. I may have lost tennis and skiing to cancer, but I am grateful to have a newfound fascination.   I look back at some of my earlier pictures in the photo galleries and cringe a bit, but the only path is forward.

I recently took an on-line class, both with MasterClass (these are amazing–do check them out!) and another from DPS (Digital Photography School). The way we learn is changing and web-based learning rocks! More convenient than a classroom, at one’s convenience, and personal interaction via technology answers one’s questions. As a life long student, this is an amazing lifeline to learning.


I  have an affiliate relationship with MasterClass (your purchase through this site is greatly appreciated!).

With Digital Photography School , I started with 31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer class with Jim Hamel.  Add in some free Lightroom classes, and voila! Knowledge is born!

The DPS course consists of thirty one short (15 minutes so) discussions of a photo topic, coupled with a task every day. It might be shooting a still life; a sunset; or perhaps using shutter speed for long term, artful exposures.

It is perfect for my web-warped (and chemo brained) mind that only handles so much information at a sitting! And it forces me out to take pictures almost daily.

Along with my photo club, and an upcoming course through the Santa Fe Community College, I’m looking forward to more photo forays for CancerRoadTrip in the near future. I’ve just gotten a wide angle lens, so please be patient with my learning curve as I figure out the best way to use this.

Santa Fe and environs is simply breathtaking. I am grateful that CancerRoadTrip has led me here. Let me leave you with a few shots that will be making their way into some more Photo Galleries shortly:


Cancer-Road-Trip American West

The caves at Bandelier


Cancer-Road-Trip The American West

Chair looking out at Ghost Ranch, NM


Cancer-Road-Trip Ghost Ranch

Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch, NM



Benches at Bandelier


The American West Cancer-Road-Trip

The path at Bandelier NM hugs the hills and ascends to the caves



A meditation bench in the snow at the casita


Thanks to everyone following the journey!

Click here to visit the Killarney and the Beara Peninsula Photo Gallery






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If you’re interested in learning more about photography (or cooking or film or any number of topics) check out Masterclass for on-line excellence:

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