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 This documentary film series looks at life post cancer treatment.


What do you say when it comes to cancer?

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We’re adding a section to the film credits with your thoughts and words when you make a donation.

What would you like to say?

What would you like to say?

Here are some ideas:

  • Cancer has changed my life, for both better and worse. Most of all I am grateful for a fresh look at what’s really important.
  • In support of my friend Robin, whose cancer battle has been unbelievable, as has her courage and heart. Go Robin!
  • In memory of my father, a World War II Veteran, who died of pancreatic cancer and gave me so much.

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Love you always, Mom.
-Laurie M.

Who Can Go On CancerRoadTrip?

Anyone impacted by cancer.

You can be a patient just post treatment, in maintenance, or several years out.

You can be a caregiver, loved one or friend.

Cancer touches all our lives. Nearly half of us will have a cancer diagnosis.

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— Founder, Pat Wetzel

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