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CancerRoadTrip started when I sold my house to travel. Since then, I’ve been through 3 continents, 8 countries and numerous states, numerous times. I’ve also been through 3 rounds of chemo, radiation and surgery. And so much more!

For me, travel heals. As the miles unfolded, it occurred to me: “If I could have a CancerRoadTrip to heal, why can’t others?”

And the idea of CancerRoadTrip was born.

This blog follows my travels, my expeditions to look for future healing retreats, interviews and whatever else may be of interest. You can also read more in the About section

Also be sure to check out the gallery for photos and more posts about my travels.

Travel Heals.

Join me.



Had I heeded the warning, my life would have turned out differently.

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MASA has an interesting history and it attracts an interesting group of pilots: Washington diplomats, world bankers, financiers, doctors, military and professional pilots, and a host of others.

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Pennsylvania to Indiana, 1995

Signs for a rest stop appear along the road and I pull off. Between the BMW and the thirty foot trailer shaped like an inverted speedboat, I am rather conspicuous.

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Flying and Sex

Sam (my original World War II aviator/instructor) told me years ago that flying was better than sex. At the time I noted his advancing age and filed the information accordingly. But with experience comes wisdom…

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A Window

Every now and then, we encounter a window in life. It won’t last forever. Do we step through, or do we let the opportunity pass us by?

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Somewhere in the pit of my stomach, I felt that I had become divorced from my home, from all the energy that had created it and connected me to it. Deep in my soul, I knew things were changing.

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