The Vashon Island Photo Gallery is finally up and running just in time for summer vacation! If you’re heading to Puget Sound, you might like to put this quirky little island located just north of Tacoma on your list of places to visit.

Click here to see the Vashon Island Photo Gallery


Vashon Island CancerRoadTrip Cancer road trip

The local farmers market on Vashon Island is terrific.


I have yet to write about or organize my pictures from so many places! But they’re coming shortly! And also coming shortly will be our CancerRoadTrip healing retreat giveaways. Sign up below to stay in the know on our progress. (Please know I never share or sell email or contact information. Particularly for cancer patients, I feel that this information is highly private.)

The Pacific Northwest in summer is one of the world’s best places to visit. Often sunny, but not too hot; lots of fresh produce and seafood; and beaches galore. Seattle, I do believe, has more types of berries than any place I’ve ever visited and they’re in abundance during the summer months. Do take the time to visit the farmers markets, on Vashon Island and elsewhere, and buy local!

CancerRoadTrip Vashon Ilsnad

It simply doesn’t get any better than the Pacific Northwest in the summer.

For those of you that have been following this journey, you’ll know that it was the kindness and generosity of some friends that gave me shelter from the proverbial storm. To Jim and Jen, all my thanks. Need a house sitter again this summer?

Click here to see the Vashon Island Photo Gallery


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Vashon Island CancerRoadTrip

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