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Dante Prada, Lighthouse Houston

Dante Prada was a successful businessman in Peru. He had a wonderful life and his young family was happy.

Then, at just 38 years old, Dante was diagnosed with cancer.

Except that he was misdiagnosed.

Not having an accurate diagnosis led to nine months of  grueling treatment to no avail. A trip to Houston for a second opinion led to a proper diagnosis. Weakened by months of chemo, Dante’s only remaining option was  a “Rescue” chemotherapy called R-ICE followed by a high-dose BEAM chemotherapy and an autologous bone marrow transplant.The transplant gave him a remission and a second chance at life.

Lighthouse Houston

Dante Prada gets life saving treatment in Houston

The experience made Dante and his family aware of the difficult logistics of navigating a foreign culture, with very different expectations and ways of doing things. In his native Peru, Dante’s social standing would guarantee him access to medical care. Here in the States, simply getting an appointment was a monumental task. Then came the medical records and admission forms; the family co-ordination; housing; travel.

How does one navigate all this, plus relocating to a foreign land while undergoing life risking (and hopefully life saving)  cancer treatments?

Lighthouse Houston

Dante Prada and friend

The experience left a deep imprint on Dante Prada and his family. And Dante started Lighthouse Houston.

Lighthouse Houston is an amazing service, offering a way to navigate the Houston medical scene for people from South America seeking treatment. And Houston may be only the beginning. Dante’s extensive South American network, his bilingual and business abilities and his deep experience with the American medical system is a skill set he plans to share, to help others. 

Please welcome Dante Prada on this week’s Bump In The Road.




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Dante Prada and a Legacy of Care

Dante’s passion is helping many. You can check out www.LighthouseHouston.com for more information.

Lighthouse Houston

Coming to the US for medical treatment is overwhelming for many. Dante, and Lighthouse Houston, make it possible.


Lighthouse Houston

Dante’s efforts touch families far and wide.


Lighthouse Houston

Thumbs up!



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