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Kandis Draw lives in Chicago, is a classically trained pianist and a lover of philanthropy. She is a member of the Aids Foundation of Chicago Associate Board, Gilda’s Club Chicago Associate Board, and is an active member on the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) Illinois Chapter, and the Curvicality Advisory Board, which is an online magazine which focuses on lifestyle, fashion, fitness and inspiration, all while promoting positive body imagery for plus-size women.  She has written articles for NOCC National, Splash magazine, and recently published in Cancer Wellness Magazine. She was also featured on Ignite Hope, and Tina’s Wish. 

Kandis Draw has worn many hats: daughter, writer, volunteer. When her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she also became a caregiver. With two young siblings, ages 5 and 9, at home, Kandis stepped up, taking care of her mother as she went through cancer treatments, as well as raising her brother and sister and keeping some degree of normalcy in the house.


“It taught me a lot about life and how quickly things can change.”


Caregiving is a lonely role, especially for a young, single woman. A normal life is no more. No more job; no more days out with friends; no more carefree times. One of the lessons to come out of Kandis’ experience is to reach out for help and connect with others, sooner rather than later. 


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