Corona has the human world, and Santa Fe, on lockdown. But Mother Earth continues in her infinite wisdom. Flowers bloom; trees leaf out. The cacophony of noise that passes for civilization is stilled and I for one, marvel in the presence of the birds and the rise of the bulbs along my daily walks. 

Old truck, Santa Fe historic district

I pass this old truck daily as I walk the deserted streets of Santa Fe during the Coronavirus lockdown


But my daily walks are also a mixed blessing. The renewal of spring contrasts sharply with the stillness of town. A stillness that is eerie. There is stillness with depth, such as the stillness in meditation. But this stillness is caused by an absence of presence. But then, even that observation is relative. Only by knowing “normal” can this seem odd.


Lockdown Santa Fe

Lockdown Santa Fe: The lock on the bandstand which is the central focus of the once lively plaza in Santa Fe says it all.


For me, the stillness invokes sadness. The many restaurants that usually bustle and send tantalizing aromas out to the street are shuttered. The shops silent. There is no laughter. There are no people.

The photos in this gallery are a juxtaposition of spring and spring in the time of corona.  

Be safe, be well.



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